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Why Should You Install Metal Garden Fencing

The traditional, rustic, and modern look of metal fences for yards is becoming more popular.  Its minimalistic design creates an attractive and long-lasting feature for your garden. Properly installing metal fencing in your garden will provide added security for years to come.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting, your garden can be more stylish and protected with sustainable metal garden fences.  The integral role of your fence to protect your property and your family can be accomplished with steel garden fencing from a professional fencing company.

With the demand for metal garden fences, look no further than Big Easy Mobile Welders to install your metal fence.  We can build your fence on site since they can bring the equipment they need to do the work.

So, if you decide on having a metal fence installed for your garden, we have gathered the best reasons why you should do so. We surely appreciate it if you call us today!

Reasons Why You Should Install Metal Garden Fencing

metal garden fence-durable

Metal garden fencing brings a new dimension to garden fencing projects.  They offer something different from other fencing types like wood and chain-link fencing. The most desirable reasons why homeowners and commercial properties choose metal garden fences include strength, durability, security, and aesthetics.  Let’s look into each of these reasons. 

  • Metal Fences Are Durable

Metal is a durable material no matter how it is used as long as it is installed properly.  When it is used in garden fencing, it is fencing material that outlasts other materials like wood.  Wood can be durable only when it is treated regularly and properly.  Otherwise, it will warp, crack, chip, and peel.

A metal fence, on the other hand, will not experience these issues.  Steel fences are resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking.  They are also non-combustible and are not attractive to insects and pests. A metal fence does not deteriorate as fast when exposed to harsh weather.

Another way that metal fences show durability is by being a sustainable fencing material.  They are fully recyclable.  Since they are durable and will stay strong and upright as long as they are installed properly and maintained regularly, it takes a very long time before they need to be replaced.

  • Versatility

Steel and metal fences can be customized.  You can have a design for your metal fence that will match the overall design of your property and the landscape in your garden.  In short, you can make your steel garden fence look exactly as you like.

Metal fencing can be designed with your choice of color, shape, size, and style.  You can choose a more traditional, minimalist, or modern and sleek look for your metal garden fence.  A popular style for a metal fence is the “classic wrought iron fence”.

With the versatility that metal garden fencing provides, you will both benefit from the beauty and durability of this type of garden fence.  Some options that you can choose from for a custom metal fence for your garden include

  • Tubular steel
  • Tubular aluminum
  • Solid steel
  • Picket style with various designs of top details:
  • hand-friendly rings, 
  • pressed spear, 
  • quad spear and ball, 
  • triad spear, 
  • hoop and spear, 
  • Fleur de Lis

Improved Aesthetics for Your Garden

The beauty of metal fencing for your garden is appealing and unique.  Having a well-designed metal fence surrounding your garden can definitely boost your property’s curb appeal.  The way a metal fence contrasts the natural beauty of plants is incomparable.

Metal fences work great to increase the aesthetic appeal of the whole property.  They match with any residential or home design.  Talk to a professional fencing company and welder to help you determine the best design and color for your metal fence.

The beauty of a metal fence will last the whole year.  It will not succumb to harsh weather conditions and changing climates.  You can inquire from a fencing company about how to properly maintain your metal garden fence so that it will look good no matter the weather.

Protection for Your Home

metal fence-iron ornaments

Installing a metal fence for your garden will not only provide protection and security for your garden but for your home and the whole property.  With a steel fence that is properly installed, you are guaranteed a high level of security and privacy.

When you install a metal gate along with your metal garden fence, you create a clear and secure boundary that can be a deterrent to burglars.  A professional fencing and welding company can help you design a metal fence for your garden that will provide the protection and security you need.

Metal Fencing Cost

Some people who need a fence choose the cheaper type of material.  The cost of a metal fence can be more expensive because of the upfront cost.  However, it is a more cost-effective choice in the long run because they are the most durable type of fence when properly installed and maintained.  

In fact, a garden metal fence can last for decades!  You will not need to replace or repair your metal fence every few years.  When you calculate how much replacing and repairing other fence material types, you will find out that it is more costly.  With a metal fence, you won’t need to spend on expensive repairs.

Another reason that a metal garden is more cost-effective is that it is easier to install than other fence types.

Contact Big Easy Mobile Welders for Your Next Metal Fence Project

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A metal garden fence provides a beautiful and durable border for your garden.  No matter the character, design, architectural style, and overall aesthetic of your property with a garden, there will always be a perfect metal fence design for you.

Big Easy Mobile Welders is your professional welding team who can come to your site to do the welding work needed for your metal garden fence.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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